Hidden Gem: Freedom Or Death “This Crowded Room”

Still getting personal with the Someone Not There soundtrack, this time Episode #4 “Best Friends.” (You know, I’ve haven’t had a proper best friend, like a proper together taking selfie BFF. Is that strange or normal or hopefully both?)

Roland and E as friends don’t have that problem…or do they? Set against the resonate lush background of This Crowded Room, the music is as integral as the lyrics. Words like silence, good intentions, blame and more are featured in a harmony rich package. This song, like all the others on the Someone Not There soundtrack was selected intentionally.

For when you are in a Crowded Room, despite the murmuring sounds, the lights, music , crush of people…you…your eyes easily spot and focus on one person. It’s a heightened concentration, a magnetic pull, irresistible: truly the best couples know how to be alone in a crowded room.

And yet…what the heart wants…the heart doesn’t always get, right?


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