Hidden Gem: Fools “Run”

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

Smoother than Voltron coming together Nikki Ashworth (The Jilted Lovers Club) and multi-instrumentalist Neil Gray (A Quiet End) have joined forces to become Fools.

Run is the startlingly Portishead like first song from this dynamic project: this song lingers like an unacknowledged ghost. I’m so in..I wanna see what other sounds they sculpt.

A few listens inspired the following stream of consciousnesses…

And we soar…
avenging Icarus
hurtling forward to
all of the horizon
no grace for gravity…
unsatisfied teeth
thin from
a poor diet of broken circumstances
Your promises a flimsy fate
Left with lungs
no wings
from a faulty evolution
branded as revolution

And we sore…
weary from a hope
that ignores circumstances
There’s No Way Out
There’s No Way To Win
There’s No Way
No Way
No Way
No Way.

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