Hidden Gem: Cœur de Pirate “Carry On”

Sammy Younan

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At the end of August Cœur de pirate released a new album Roses…I’ve been slowly steadily working through it. One of her best and strongest.

She’s this attractive French Canadian girl…a tough and fierce package…you can’t see it in this video but on her arm she’s got this amazing tattoo of Alice in Wonderland armed with an Elgin pistol and a cutlass; met her briefly at a TIFF party couple years back and I was mesmerized by the tattoo…why does Alice have a Elgin pistol AND a cutlass? Or rather…why not?

Carry On has strong lyrics but on the album it’s a pop song in a Robyn style so I dug it. But she (Cœur de Pirate!) recently appeared on q and performed an acoustic rendition of Carry On just her and a big ol piano and it totally transforms the song.

The piano is gorgeous…if there’s a way to strip her voice from the piano that’d be amazing too.

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