Hidden Gem: Banks and Steelz “Giant”

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

The chorus is a manifesto:
“I’ll stop at nothing
I will play this game
That’s so easily started
Not so easily parted
Giants, giants
Everything is shaking through the walls
‘Cause we are giants, giants
Heart of David, you know it takes just one
To tee off”

Sold. I’m in. I appreciate the macho aggressive nature of this anthem as RZA confirms: “Fuck CNN, this is ghetto editorial.” Word…what do you have to say to us today Banks and Steelz?

Fun Facts

  • Paul Banks is the lead singer of Interpol and my favourite song of theirs is Slow Hands
  • RZA is the producer and rapper in Wu-Tang and there’s too much goodness there so I’ll focus on his solo work at Bobby Digital and my favourite song is La Rhumba
  • To promote this album Banks & Steelz opened Pop-Up shops like this one in NYC (I dig this trend…)

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Interpol-Wu Tang Supergroup Banks & Steelz Opens Orchard Street Pop-Up

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