Goodbye Carrie Fisher

We lost a fantastic writer today.

Yes I’m aware the great celebrity reduction for Carrie Fisher will always be Princess Leia.

I struggled with Star Wars…even as a kid. (E.T. was another POS back in the day…pfft…you call this tripe sci-fi! I was a happy sci-fi snob from early on…)

Carrie talked about that in her recent book The Princess Diarist. Apparently she had quite a number of I love yous/you were my first love etc. from boys and men over the years. Eh…not me.

Upon hearing of Carrie’s passing my mom reminded me of the time (she thinks it was Christmas) when I unwrapped a Princess Leia action figure and complained because “she’s sooooo boring!”

(Luke especially…just the worst movie character ever: as a kid I hated Luke; like do something cool already! Darth Vader was the only Star Wars character that captivated my attention…dude gets it done. #TeamEmpire).

(I ..took lotta flack for crapping on Star Wars and E.T. (Oddest response was people accusing me of trying to cool by being different…umm, that’s not how the 80s worked. I wasn’t cool at all. What a dumb thing to say out loud too…like the idea that my opinion might be thought out and authentic didn’t occur to you: stupid!)

Carrie evolved into a fine writer…if you haven’t had the chance check out Postcards from the Edge and Wishful Drinking both charming, sarcastic and smart writing. (Surrender the Pink is ok…bit uneven, read it at the beach if you wanna be a completest.)

S’never good when we lose an original trenchant voice.


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