G20: The Swift & Brutal Rise of the Creative Class

Welcome. With the recent antagonistic actions prompted by the G20 being hosted in Toronto I felt enough was enough. This is beyond adolescent us vs them concepts. We’ve all grown past that: I hope.

Rather this is calling into question how are we being asked to live. How we are asking others to live. Why are we even in this position to make those decisions? Are our actions altruistic or blinded by greed, arrogance and power? The following poem appears in my recent book Red Letter Nights on pages 56-58. You can purchase it here or on Amazon.

The Swift and Brutal Rise of the Creative Class
by Sammy Younan

Jesus Christ.

So many more.

You think just by killing leaders rebellion dies?

Rebellion doesn’t go out of fashion;
it transforms and evolves with the times.
It’s always relevant:
It’s always popular:
for every culture you create
there will be an equal and opposite counter culture.  I promise.
Or did You forget that…
in Your haste up the corporate ladder
to a corner office, a better title—“power”
shedding utopian visions so You can ascend smoothly and quickly without any dead weight.
Before doped up acid trips affected Your morale
making You believe You figured it all out.
All You figured out was how to sell out:
You stupid 60’s generation made the pet rock a fad!
Oh-but now like the true brood of vipers You are
eagerly and quickly You shed those “beliefs” like snake skin
stamping out those idyllic pests to go work for Corporate America.
That doesn’t stop—or even slow down—rebellion;
only makes us laugh in pointed finger ridicule.
Your mistakes fuel our progress.
And unlike Your hazy attempts—
Your whimsical feeble folk songs
Our focus and attacks are direct.
Without Your permission; in complete disregard for the authority you wretchedly believe is real:
we are already figuring out ways to get
Free internet service…
Free long distance…
Free music…
So much more for free.
Don’t you get it yet?
We will take with both hands what we want; when we want.
You attach these paper thin morality and ethics to taking for free;
like cattle branding downloaders as antichrists not as the true prophets they are.
Far better music carry the barcoded mark of the beast lest profits be affected—
suddenly now valiantly defending artists; so noble
when they are the first to be silenced in any and every war.
Especially the wars you organize and campaign.
Truth’s power can only be as strong as a society’s artists.
you have no claims no © on my future or my work.
you do not design my future.
Our future doesn’t come with a Coke and a smile
or some stupid trendy designer outfit.
There is no corporate approved cool in our future.
your way of conducting business lumbers like a dying dinosaur.
We have zero sympathy for you; only honest anger:
We rebel because we are kings living in forced poverty;
I am a king not because I have or even lust for power
(as pathetic shallow creatures like you do)
but because I have an identity.
One I’ve claimed with the same “dirty” hands I use to threaten your fortunes with.
I am a person, a child created by God
to do good if not great works;
you think you could buy us with corner offices and hefty pay raises?
We have a life outside of work; work is secondary to us;
your agendas conflict with our peace.
you don’t even realize that do you?
This is what makes me—us—individuals: we think.
and it will always be thinking that launches us into trouble.
It means we are no longer blind.
Scales have fallen from our eyes.
Vision always begets visionaries.
No longer satisfied by government approved crumbs
we want to yam meals.  Succulent 5 course meals.
And so—from your small-minded perspective—the savage taking begins
Rebellion continues
and martyrs—those you feel are too much of a thorn and not a simple quiet citizen rose—only encourage us in life and in death and in love.
you think we did this before adding up the costs?
History is our greatest mentor;
predictability and arrogance are your greatest downfalls—
your rising and falling are the milestones—the markers—of how our history will be judged.
60s flat lined in the greediness of 80s.
Foolishly believing in “flower power”
always your generation and its lust for power of any sort.
Rebellion never goes out of fashion.
We remain unsatisfied.
For all the “choices” corporations lead us to believe they offer
there is one they cannot offer because it cannot be
manufactured and sold in a mega-chain-store:
A bright and happy future.
Overcome—it’s our prophecy; our destiny.
Justice will prevail.
If we work hard each and everyday.
Together with all of us.
And we will work hard each and everyday.
Just not for you.


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