From The Mailbox: Q: “Have you stopped wearing women’s clothes?”

From The Mailbox…Lori wrote in to ask: “Have you stopped wearing women’s clothes?”

Sigh, this is one of those moments that taken out of context will end up on my permanent record. So before that happens…let me clarify. I happened to be reading a book on leadership by J. Edgar Hoover: How To Boss People Around in A Size 6 Dress. His track record at the FBI along with his astute points in the book made logical sense so…out the dresses came.

Much as rock n rollers today don black leather pants they join the pantheon (get it…”pant”heon) of past rockers from Elvis to Jim Morrison to Bono and more…I was happy to join the ranks of Klinger on MASH, Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies…and kinda Richard Simmons.

Only it didn’t work.

When I showed up at the office I was instantly ridiculed. I was wearing last season’s colours, the dress was far to risque and low-cut for the office, very distracting and finally the tartan clashed with my eyes, it was a complete failure. Thanks for nothing J. Edgar Hoover.

Now can we please put this incident behind us?


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