The Final…Final Destination?

Woah! According to EW, We’re getting another Final Destination?! In some ways, I’m good…in other ways…I guess so?

Like Star Trek’s Odd/Even Movie Law the Odd Final Destination movies (1, 3 and 5) are the strongest ones. 2 was weaker than the top of a newborn’s head.

Also Final Destination compared to other top-grossing horror franchises—A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Saw, Scream and Texas Chainsaw Massacre—(adjusted for inflation) is among the highest grossing horror franchises in the U.S.

Hence a 6th one.

Final Destinations are fun…there is no “killer” or “virus” etc. it’s just death stalking the kids you know? Well that and a creepy cool Tony Todd!!

You’ll recognize a number of actors as well as the series unfolds. (Also Tony Todd was in Blood Fest or was it Hell Fest? Two Fest titled movies came out in 2018…remember those? He’s in one of them with a top hat being all creepy ominous. I didn’t see either Fest…so waiting for Netflix. Anyways when he appears in Final Destinations he is creepyily outstanding…that’s just good Tony Todd! Tony Todd doesn’t have a middle ground per say…he does classic/good stuff like Star Trek but then will go make an utter crapfest like a solid 4.0/10 on IMDB ratings.)

I dig the sacrifice one friend so death skips you no-win scenario.

I supported the entire franchise saw em all at the movies. The Roller coaster one is solid! They shot that acccident well. I felt like car accident in the second wasn’t “encompassing” enough…like if you don’t get on a crashed flight that’s destiny.

Hurry up and watch em all Final Destinations…so we’ll go to 6!


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