A Father’s Day Ode To Chicken Wings & Booty

A Father and Son moment on Father’s Day…

Dad comes into the room wanting to know who is Kim Car Dash…
Kim Kardashian?? “I told you to not go on the internet unsupervised!”

It was on CNN…she got President Trump to pardon that woman…

Ah ok…well you know who her dad is? Remember OJ? I give him the CliffsNotes managing to only use the word booty twice.

It does however lead us to Kanye West which makes my Dad uneasy…he likes jazz and still can’t decide if samples which tend to chop up classic tunes is rude/disrespectful or the start of something fresh. We’re not gonna solve the jazz vs hip hop debate today so I end on a positive note by pointing out the pardoned woman…Alice Marie Johnson is affiliated with Van Jones’ organization #Cut50 working on prison reform. Any questions?

Can we get chicken wings and maybe cigars? Now that’s a Father and Son moment.

For those of you who still have your dads may you continue to have moments where you manage to only use the word booty twice.

For those of you who have lost your dads may the memories you do have be as sweet as chicken wings and cigars.


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