Dollar Store Love

Strolled into the ghetto dollar store still shaking off my nap. (There are classy dollar stores and ghetto dollar stores…what you think all strip clubs are top shelf?! Same principles people.) After I picked up a few things I got in line behind this senior citizen.

She had a handful of Valentine’s Day cards and was clearly reviewing her selections before buying em. As she shuffled through em…I was like woah! These weren’t like #1 Grandkid big heart cards…these were like Hot Stuff Valentine’s cards. Is Granny juggling men?! Damn.

My Saturday night plans included going home and eating an entire roasted chicken while watching Uncut Gems on Netflix. It was then that I sensed the store’s P.A. system which was playing classic rock (a ghetto dollar store clue…) had just wrapped up Bob Seger’s Night Moves and launched into Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. Oh man; that’s a sign!

I’m not buying Valentine’s cards; I’m buying roasted chicken from the supermarket. I should make changes. And not just for myself but…for others. I can’t be the only one who feels this way. That kind of positivity is inspiring and we can all use more of that in our lives.

Of course, I’m still gonna eat the entire roasted chicken and watch Uncut Gems. You crazy? That’s a good day. But then yeah…after that…after I’ve washed all that delicious chicken down with Orange Fanta…then yes: I’ll carpe that diem.


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