Delusions: Getting Car-ried Away.

This may just be a guy thing or it could just mean I should switch from action movies to comedy but…

Every time I’m in my car and I see one of these trucks:

Monster Truck!

Especially parked like that…ramp down…man. I just want to hit the pedal, race up the ramp and fly. Zoom, zoom indeed.


I assume I’d land correctly. Cars always land on their wheels. And sometimes yes…since we’re all being honest and I’m among friends: I want to lean out the window with a blazing gun as I projectile from the ramp. Ok that’s a bit much. Plus I’ve no bad guys to shoot so it’s all really moot.

I think what’ll do is as my current car is getting older I’ll go to a used sports store and buy a helmet. Safety First. Then since I know the car is of no use to me I’ll cruise around until I find a truck with the ramps then.

Then. It’s On.


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