Dad’s Local IT Department

It’s dope and uplifting to witness all the different personal projects people are tackling in some cases even delayed and getting to work during this rare window.

I’ve one friend who resumed her Spanish lessons online; another who cannonballed into the Fast and Furious franchise. Welcome.

And to that inspiring list you can add my Dad who finally sat down in a noble attempt to Rosetta Stone the TV remote.

He’ll hold it up…point to a button and ask “What does this one do?”
“That’s the Search button you can search live TV for something specific like…ah Three’s Company. It’s TV’s Google button.”

“What about this one?”
“It’s well: 7. Great Prince song and useful for finding channel 7. If you’re not taking this seriously I’ma go nap.”

“It’s not like the phone where numbers are also letters?”
“You need to calm down Windtalker. It’s a tv remote so you can find Wheel of Fortune. You’re not cracking the code to save lives in World War II.”

“What did you say Search does again?” Sigh: hopefully finds you somebody with more patience.


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