#CouchWorthy: Mr. Mercedes

Yo…late last night I wrapped up Season 1 of Mr. Mercedes. Mr. Mercedes is one of the best Stephen King-to-TV adaptations of all time.

(Sorry  IT with John Ritter and see you in hell Langoliers with Bronson Pinchot!) For the most part the casting was spot on (Brendan Gleeson is an Irish treasure!), soundtrack was outstanding…one of the best sounding shows I’ve watched in years.

The ending is a bit anticlimactic…they really diverged from the novel (I know we all have our Under The Dome issues but nothing that bad…I suspect the producers just cheaped out on the budget).

Season 2 drops in the next year or so…I’ll so be back. (AT&T’s recent Time Warner purchase was for content: it’s better to buy it then make it; I get the economics of that. But I’m curious what happens to the little content they do make…it was so weird to see the first season of Mr.Mercedes brought to me by AT&T. Hope it’ll be ok moving forward!)

Really dug all 3 books in the Bill Hodges Trilogy so there’s a lot of playground. When the first book Mr. Mercedes came out on June 3, 2014 King called it a hard-boiled detective fiction. That got me curious. At first I thought it was a fun Summer read; I really dug Holly. But I dunno if I wanna spend 2 more books in that world. By July 15 2016 I’d read Finders Keepers the second book and just finished King’s latest End of Watch which is the third Mr. Mercedes book. By then my verdict was revised to: I really enjoyed this trilogy…the old dog can still do it.

Oh! King also dies in like episode 5 or 6? The ol knife to the throat…that’ll do it. You know for all his movies/tv shows he surprisingly didn’t do a lot of Stan Lee type cameos.


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