Concert: Sweet Thing (Mod Club)

Went to the Sweet Thing show at the Mod Club. My goodness, wish they handed out seatbelts, what a ride!

It was spectacular, sublime and surreal.

I’ve been with these guys for years seen em play at the Hardrock Cafe where nobody cared and nobody showed so to see em at the Mod Club (and sold out) was long overdue. In your face Universe!

They did a Kanye West cover! Love Lockdown. Tore it up! (If they’d done Gold Digger I’d have seriously burned the place down!).

During one toe tapper machines rained bubbles over the crowd. Then during Seasons a very U2-ish sky puncher diddy, they dropped more bubbles, fired streamers into the crowd all while unleashing multi-coloured balloons and beach balls. Time to par-tay!

They sang one song acapella, with 4 of them singing.
They gave us a brand new song.
Girls danced, guys fist pumped. Exactly what you want in a modern rock band.

The guy on the lights coulda done a better job while the sound guy is hired! Good job, son.

I tired to talk to Owen the lead singer after the show and he was getting mobbed by girls. It’s begun! Excellent.

Owen is gonna be a solid front man, we haven’t had a good front man for a little while, somebody that’s cool, hip and sexy. He’s got some Stipe and some Bowie (plus a theatre school background).


I’m validated: I’ve be pimpin these guys for years and nobody in the industry would listen to me. Fired. Not Edge 102.1 not media not other people in music. Coffee is for closers!

They are so ready to take on the world…well. Sigh. Canada.

EMI didn’t release the album in the US. Who gets punched in the nuts for that? Their management or their record company?

So apologies to my American readers…the album is not out there. Why? I’ll never know. Somebody on their team clearly doesn’t grasp the concept of buzz (especially during these Web 2.0 days).

When Radiohead left EMI they called them short-sighted. I see that now. If you want this band to come to your town and tear up your scene bug EMI, leave scandalous comments on their MySpace.

Still despite all these obstacles “good music will prevail.” For true!

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