Coming Soon…Summer 2013 Movies Status

So for the kids keeping score at home, based on all these recently issued trailers, here’s where I stand:

Iron Man 3: In!

After Earth: Out. Unlike John Travolta I’m 100% out.

Lone Ranger: Bit meh…maybe?

Man of Steel: Probably In. Well except Synder has 10 minutes, not 1 minute more to do doomed planet, rocket, Smallville, farm etc. I don’t do reboots.

“Star Trek” 2: Hell No. Arms firmly crossed like a straight jacket.

The Great Gatsby: 100% skipping like a girl’s jump rope team. Considering Leo and Toby are in this, they should honestly drop the word Great from the title.

The Fast and the Furious 6: If I can find my pants I’ll go.

The Hangover Part III: I’m curious…not sure if I’m buy curious.

World War Z: Yes: ruckus is yummy. And bloody necessary.

The Wolverine: I wonder if this movie can claw it’s way back to something decent, last one was an abomination, shoulda been left on the nunnery’s front door.

A Good Day to Die Hard: Leaning towards yes but I want to be romanced a bit more, woo me before we spend the night. You broke my heart before…why should I believe you’ve changed?

G.I. Joe: Retaliation: 100%. Opening night. Here: take my money and my time and my attention.

Kick-Ass 2: Hey why not?

Finally: Smurfs 2. Out: I’m bored with Nazis in movies. It’s been done.


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