Charting Risk via Game Shows

Watching the Game Show Network last night (look it was Monday night, my choices were slimmer than Kate Moss). As a strange study not based on any sort of science or theory I wonder if you could chart the evolution of risk through game show contests.

Granted this would be akin to NASA bringing an ant farm to space, totally useless and expensive but supa cool. Think about it: Did contestants on 70s game shows “play it safer” than contestants in the 80s on the same show (clearly I’m focused on the game shows not on the fashion…80s fashion: good gravy! We all took terrible risks with 80s fashion)? What about today? Are today’s game show contestants riskier or more conservative than past generations?

There’s lots of books, Oprah aphorisms, Nike commercials to inspire and eliminate (the often silly) fears associated with risk but that’s all talk. Talk, like ants in space has zero value. It’s only what you do that matters. Team No Deal! Let’s Go All The Way.


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