Can’t Hold Down Gravity

Gravity is ridiculous. The force but especially the movie. I mean, come on man, Sandra Bullock as an astronaut? Really? NASA astronauts go through twenty months of training, if not more at Starfleet Academy.

I just can’t buy Bullock having the tenacity, the intelligence or even the ability to be an astronaut (I suppose that she sucks at space is why she ends up in her predicament).
Natalie Portman, I can buy as an astronaut.
Angelina Jolie for sure…especially if guns are involved.

This past Summer I was in a New York City cinema and when the Gravity trailer came on, people laughed. Not one or two people: the bulk of the audience. Especially when we watched her float away, more than a few folks chortled.

Sadly in space…no one can hear your sarcasm.


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