It’s a strange comfort to think of someone else other than yourself all the time.  People in Love do it all the time, people who aren’t probably should do it more often.

Their problems come with this mad romantic effortless conquer-ability, it would be so easy if you only…and if you just stopped…it’s all so clear.  Not like the complicated entrenched issues I must contend with as persistently and as present as falling rain.

Thing is, you never listen to me.  I’ll never give you the advice you expect to hear, the permission you desire or pat your hands and say it’ll be alright.  Because sometimes, it won’t be.

I’m attracted to truth.  I just hope you’re the same way.

Maybe it’s not worth it, to take on someone else’s problems.  If I’m not gonna help then I’ll only hinder.  And you don’t need that in your life.

We must become relentless in giving up, letting go, saying good-bye and not seeking alternatives.

Moving on, well remember, no matter how bright the light is, how warm the Light is, you will always carry your dark shadow.


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