Artst Tlk Episode 3: Pharrell Williams Interviews Alex Gorlin & Daniel Arsham

According to the YouTube blurb: “Pharrell Williams interviews Alex Gorlin, a renowned architect known for bringing warmth to modern design, and Daniel Arsham, an artist who blurs the line between art & architecture, challenging convention by placing shapes in unexpected places. Gorlin and Arsham share their influences inlcuding Marcel Duchamp and Frank Lloyd Wright. Gorlin shares his experience working with two of the greatest architects of the century, Im Pei & Richard Meier. Arsham discusses the multi-dimensional nature of the different mediums in which he works.”

Sure. I dunno who these guys are so let’s get into it.

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1:18 Duchamp! #Respect

1:20 artists who “didn’t work in one specific medium” YES! This integral conversational thread picks up at 4:43.

3:33 “there’s an evil genesis to great social change.” Pharrell is clearly a comic book reader.

6:44 “start with a few lines on a piece of paper…” The design version of “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

8:36 “the hand is always present in those things…” compare that to Warhol’s aim to remove the hand: “The power of the work was in its dispassionate coldness, communicated by the apparent absence of the artist’s hand.”

9:40 “So I’ll take a plain white wall and create a sensation…” indeed. Man those images are fresh! Almost Dali like…surreal, yo.

10:39 “you’re allowed to touch walls” Drives me “up the wall” how sterile most art galleries are. You can’t touch, art galleries have bouncers that won’t let you so you lose touch, smell, taste and (sometimes) sound. Art is often not an immersive experience. Yet it should be. I got 5 senses what can you do for me?

11:28 that house! Looks like a James Bond villain’s lair…outstanding. A man could do great and evil things with that house.

12:03 Q: With design what’s the difference between a resolution and a solution?

12:45 Alex Gorlin: “architecture is the place of possibility” place…get it? Pretty clever!

13:57 Frank Gehry is considered a starchitect…or is he? Check out this excerpt from Paul Goldberger’s Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry. The book is a bit dry but covers a lot of Gehry’s work and life.

15:36 “the person is as important as the work…” True or False?

19:22 “What are each of you chasing?” Pharrell’s question is excellent but temporary.

19:50 play! Finally that word…that concept makes an appearance.

20:33 “the payoff is the process…” bah! For me product > process I can’t stand the process. Same with destination > journey. (Did I recommend you check out Final Destination? Do it!)

21:49 “my viewers are learning…” word: I dug these guys’ art. Show is still stiff but it’s improving.

3 episodes in the can. We roll on.

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