Amityville: Get Out Part 2

The first part of this article is so inspiring: “A family bought a 20,000-square-foot Freemason temple in Indiana for $89,000, and they’re now turning it into their home. Take a look inside.” I’m like yo that’s fresh.

Until you get to this part…

“Outside the Great Room is a secret staircase that leads to the fourth floor.”

Which is followed by…

“Along with the secret staircase, there are other parts of the house that some may find creepy. Theresa said she thinks the building is haunted.

“There are things that have happened that we just cannot explain,” she said. “We’ve had stuff fly off shelves.”

Theresa said the library seemed to be the place with the most paranormal activity. She said she often walks into the room and notices the cabinets are wide open even though they are very heavy. Sometimes she can hear what sounds like a janitor’s keys jingling in the basement.

“I’m never scared in the building, and my kids are never scared,” Theresa said. “I don’t think it’s anything really bad that’s here.”

GET OUT! (By the way this family bought this temple for $89K and in 1975 the family that bought the Amityville house? They bought that haunted house for $80,000 that’s around the same price. No man: GET OUT.)


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