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By the way about the Casey Affleck movie I’m Still Here, I had a friend who worked on the project.

To protect them (I know how vicious (and small) this industry can be) I’ma keep switching the gender, plus it’s fun like that.

Ok first he doesn’t have anything nice to say about either Casey or Joaquin Phoenix. That I won’t go into but what I heard was not polite.

However she’s under the impression it’s not a hoax.

If anything Phoenix was often the way he was on Letterman but this was in real life, off camera.  He’s doing lots of drugs; my pal found the filmmaking process irritating and frustrating. There would be whole days on the set where they couldn’t shoot much footage as Phoenix was so out of it.

Anyways, there’s that. Based on her impressions and his stories, Phoenix is no James Franco.

Franco is awesome, he’s a true artist, innovative, sly, subtle fierce and incredibly talented. Franco knows exactly what he’s doing with his all of his stunts/performances/art. Phoenix is no Franco.

Looks like we’re witnessing the demise of a good talent, he’s the new Michael Jackson (in the 90s especially during the Vegas era). There’s lots of debate about the authenticity of all this but no discussion on if and how he should be saved.

Most fairy tales end “happily ever after” while Phoenix is well on his way to a classic clichéd Hollywood ending.

I get that you reach a certain point and people/media/fans root for you to fail, I get that, I understand how the American machine works I just don’t agree with it.

For the record: no I did not see the movie. And no I’ve no interest. (PE says: “Don’t Believe The Hype!”)

Like Jackson’s This Is It (which I also did not see and have chosen to avoid and ignore) it’s a sad reminder of what happens when talent is cut short.


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