#CouchWorthy: Abla Fahita: Drama Queen – Miniseries

Abla Fahita: Drama Queen (Anytime / Netflix) Does anybody out there know/watch Abla Fahita?

“She’s” a deeply sarcastic basically Egyptian Muppet; a diva who hosts a late night TV talk show. I’ll watch some stuff with my parents here and there on Middle East satellite channels: she mocks a lot of cultural taboos (so it’s that Simpsons humour…mock the culture which works for me.).

Anyways I’d posted the trailer for Paranormal late last year as it was the first product of Netflix’s ongoing investment in Egyptian cinema.

(They’re investing everywhere, have you see Korean sci-fi movie Space Sweepers? The international stuff on Netflix is ridiculously good…I saw a Belgium series last year: Into The Night. Like yo: I had no clue you guys made TV; thought you only made those delicious waffle cookies.)

Anyways the second Egyptian product of Netflix’s investment is Abla Fahita: Drama Queen debuting on Netflix on Monday, March 15.

I’m super excited for this.

Though it’s actually a drama with I guess comedy? The puppet Abla Fahita has to go on the run after being implicated in a crime (lol!) and she has to clear her name and return to her two children, Caro and Boudi.

(She also wears glasses to read…why would a puppet’s eyesight be bad?!) On her tv show she is widowed I believe…though I dunno if her husband is a human or a puppet. I got questions that I hope this answers over the 6 episodes.

(One time watching her talk show show she mentioned her husband I asked my mom…is her husband human or like…felt?! Mom shushed me: that’s a dumb question. Then over dinner she quietly admitted she googled it but didn’t find the correct answer.)

So let’s see how this goes and if this connects with a North American audience.

Netflix | March 15, 2021


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