A Season With…Sammy?

I’m watching Showtime’s A Season With… which is just fascinating.

In 2011 Showtime aired The Franchise it was a season with the San Francisco Giants baseball team. I dunno anything about baseball; I can’t even name a current Blue Jays player but it’s such an amazing docuseries. The Giants won a ring and were trying to deal with those expectations and repeat as champs through out the season/series. Having watched Jordan and the Bulls magnificent run I learned getting the first one is difficult; getting your second championship is hard.

Then in 2015 Showtime came back with A Season With…Notre Dame Football. As a Canadian I dunno anything about college football. I went to a Canadian university just across from Michigan when Charles Woodson was playing…couldn’t get tickets to save me my life. This was just after the Fab Five so Michigan was Eva Mendes HOT! I’ve never been to an NFL game either. In the US I’ve seen NBA, NHL and baseball games. Anything football related is strictly Bucket List.

Anyhoo: This docuseries A Season With…Notre Dame Football is mind blowing…so good! Track that one down. S’your homework.

A Season With… is back only this year it’s with Florida State University. While I appreciate the window into another college program I really miss the nobility of Notre Dame. They way they slap the Play Like A Champion Today sign…coach Brian Kelly, players /characters like Sheldon Day…Will Fuller that dude is money.

(I’m running Girth Radio…a startup and I’d like to do something like that…we put a sign we all gotta touch or slap…some sort of tradition. I like that idea…I just dunno what our sign should be.)

Right now viewers are 4 episodes into the Florida State University season…I’m not digging the coach as much. And the defensive line don’t play with heart. So calling em out. No heart and no will. Yo don’t be weak! I’ll keep watching the FSU season but it is clearly lacking the charm and the character of the Fighting Irish.


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