8 Truths I Learned From Entourage: No. 4

Family First

When Big Money comes rolling in it’s important to keep it in the family.

It’s why growing up we play Monopoly with family members. You learn which members are ruthless, which ones handle their money well and which ones just flame out. S’the way the dice rolls sometimes.

Vince hired E to be his manager: keeping it in the family.

On paper good move…when it comes to the heart…not so good.

It’s the division of state and church again. Sure they’ll overlap every now and then but you hope to keep them as separate as possible.

DC and I are S’up Cuz. T-shirts made fresh. I’ve known DC since Grade 7.  It’s great because we’re extremely talented, creative, with a friendship that’s not only a foundation but also provides a handy shorthand. It sucks because we’re extremely talented, creative with a friendship from the beginning of time.

There’s that temptation of I know what’s he’s going to say or do. (Which is never true no matter how well we know anybody they will always surprise us. It’s our insecurities that are always predictable not people).

And yeah when the lines blur we do have those Vince and E disagreements. Just like Vince and E we probably have more disagreements because we’re family rather than just 2 co-workers.

S’the way the dice rolls sometimes.

Yet the quality of the work can’t be beat. We make each other better. We’re better together than alone.

Justice League

That’s why some guys in bands will never go solo. It’s why there will always be a Justice League and an Avengers.

And when it’s time to celebrate success you want to do it not just with your boys but with the boys who have journeyed with you. Friends who have seen the night and the dawn.

When it’s somebody working with you as a partner it’s one less phone call to make. They know. All that’s left is to raise a glass and make a toast.


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