8 Truths I Learned From Entourage: No. 1

Location Location Location

Few years back sociologist and speaker Richard Florida wrote a book called Who’s Your City? One of the book’s central tenants was the concept of finding the ideal location carefully balancing notions of work, play and other similar social activities.

So it’s no surprise The Boys From Queens set up shop in LA. LA is not so much a city or even a town but rather a giant office building where agents, writers, actors, directors and more all congregate to work.  If you’re serious about making movies LA is where you gotta go…even if you’re from New York City.

This is what I’ve gleamed from Entourage these past 8 years: Location is everything.

You’d think being in New York City The Boys could build a similar or equally satisfying lifestyle but no…too many opportunities have come from being in LA.  LA is a meet town, you get together with people, you discuss, you have drinks, you have lunch, you have meetings. It’s all that Sunshine you just want to be out and about all the time, selling yourself, pitching your movies and nourishing your vision. That’s why it’s called a town: the more people who say hi to you, greet you with a smile when you’re picking up your newspaper off your lawn…the more your stock is worth.

I’m based in Toronto. Great city if you are a teacher there are lots of fun activities in the Summer. Great city if you are an accountant as there are all kinds of business opportunities. Terrible city if you are in the arts. It’s just not supported here. There is no vision and just as important no money here. No matter the medium…writers, directors, actors…artists struggle in Toronto.

It’s no surprise some of the best and talented Canadians have left here to go on to bigger and better things. Ryan Reynolds, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers are 3 prime examples: they went to New York, they went to LA to work. Their lives (and our lives) have never been the same since.

I know my journey is taking me to New York. I have a friend, a director; his road is leading to London in the UK. We’re both going to be paying a lot in rent! Still it’s worth it.

You have to go where the hope is. Where the work is. Where the vision is. Where the talent is.

It’s not just about the no…it’s about who is telling you no. Big difference when you’re being rejected by NBC or the CBC.

Liberty Still I don’t hastily pack up and depart. Again as The Boys From Queens have shown, go with a product in hand…go with connections. Drama was out there    first, hustling and establishing himself while Vince was able to successfully build on the movie Head On. Granted these are not real people nor real products but the wisdom is  flawless.

And inspiring. I know the day I get that New York City address: it begins. It begins. It’s going to be a crazy amazing ride…I hope you’ll come with.


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