4 Foods Worthy of Theme Songs

I wish certain foods had theme songs. That way you have something powerful to sing or even hum while you wait for them to get into your belly.

Not like commercial jingles, that taints it with marketing…I’m talking theme songs with strong rap music like boasts and emphatic declarations of yumminess. Loud tunes with horns.

Like Chicken & Ribs…for all the hip hop references to either there’s still no anthem. Rude, yo. When I order home delivery I’ve nothing to sing to get me hype…I sit there like a sucker watching a Simpsons rerun while listening for the doorbell.

Poutine could totally use a theme song. Yo…I’d sing that randomly too, like even when I’m yaming other foods like cereal.

Grilled Cheese? Honestly there’s no reason not to enshrine this warm delicacy in song. We’d be stupid not to do this.

Mashed Potatoes…that phrase already aspires to lyrics greatness. All that’s left to be done is add sonic-sweet gravy and serve. Boom! You can hear the mic drop at the end of that song.

What about you…what foods would you like to see get the Stephen Sondheim/Dr. Dre treatment?


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