William Gibson vs Q

William Gibson a fantastic sci-fi writer was on Q: he’s a bit old man-ish now; some senior qualities as you’ll hear. However his writing remains razor sharp.

In the late 60s to avoid the Nam draft he moved to Canada: first to Toronto then to Vancouver. Which is where he’s lived since the 70s. So his work has this understanding of American culture from an outsider perspective.

His new book (barely a month old) Agency explores an alternative timeline: what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Yo!

He came here last week on his book tour and I was so tempted to reach out to his publisher for an interview but I was worried they would say yes. There’s too much in my head and to try to get it all out would be a mess. I felt I did a good job with Cory Doctorow though that was a lot of hard work and I did not always succeed. So no I did not reach out.

This Q interview covers a number of the basics with Gibson: he’s one of those people that when he dies the culture will be that much poorer. It’ll be hard to grasp just what we’ve lost.

I’m rambling…here’s the interview…


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