West Goes South

Last night Kanye West went OFF on twitter…for 3 hours. I was online when it started…kept up with him for the first hour then I had to stop and go back to my work. (You could tell something special was about to go down–I instantly scrambled my brown butt upstairs to hastily make some tea, I didn’t even let it brew properly I wanted to get back to the scene. It’s like being a Gotham citizen and looking up one dark night…cloudy sky…and seeing the Bat Signal blazing the darkness: awww yeah! you just want to fist pump).

His rant was like black church…I was clapping, yelling Amen, wondering if I could get a witness. He went off on math, school, creativity, ideas…funding your ideas with your own money, how so many of our systems are broken, what Michael Jackson meant to us, how our experts are not doing enough…yo keep going!

All the papers compiled the entire rant…it’s astonishingly insightful and articulately inspiring. Having just read a book on the history of Google and how they transformed a David into a Goliath, I was distressed…it felt like my ideas are too small. Like I’m trying to win a preseason game instead of a championship.

Kanye’s manifesto was encouraging to at least stay the course.

It’s messy but if you want to read it here it be; I recommend a tea or whatever beverage of your choice.

What I’m slowly realizing is over the last 2 weeks a subtle shift is occurring. The generations after me are better are articulating matters…to a certain point. There is still laziness and arrogance in how they handle matters (mainly out a lack of gratitude). The current shift is a combination of uncertainty (sure the 60s saw upheaval but it was primarily confined to the US (and even then only certain parts of the US) and the self-doubt ambition prompts.

Last year alone we saw Occupy, Arab Spring, dictators toppled or killed factor in all the stuff since 2000 massive recessions, the rise of social media which brings with it increased noise, it is getting difficult to hold onto the belief there is a safety net.

So much of our decision making now is fraught with uncertainty, which most folks counter with hashtag ambitions. That’s…not how you get things done. All it seems to be doing is creating fear…there is so much more fear because there are less and less right answers. I’m grateful I know who I am before I go online.

These are fascinating times.


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