Morning Tea: Uncharted Children of Men

Children of Men!

The Black Phone!

Uncharted! Brew a strong tea: yo!

The First Yo of The Day.

“Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortunes; but great minds rise above them.”

~ Washington Irving #HandleYourBusiness

The Black Phone…It’s For You?

As for today’s cover image: “New Black Phone; Who Dis?” The Black Phone will be in cinemas on June 24.

A Raptors Dynasty??

I’ve grown weary of this Masai narrative: “He is not content with just winning one title.” He says this all the time.

Raptors are great at identifying talent; yet lousy at winning. Even if they stumble into the playoffs this season then what? A first round exit?

Dynasties are inspiring. They deny others glory and firmly establish a viciously high standard of excellence. Look what Jordan did 3 times. Kobe and the Lakers. High standards by which others must rise and fall.

NBA: Boogie Is Free

Can the Nets Boogie with DeMarcus Cousins??

Here’s my honest truth: I have zero respect for the Bucks. The coach is lousy and frowzy; I wouldn’t trust him in a pie eating content.

So can Brooklyn employ DeMarcus like an assassin with a 6 Foul Gun to Hack-a-Shaq Giannis? Maybe even gather a rebound or two? #BallorFall

#NBA: Kyrie Irving Has Returned…So Now What?

Why didn’t Kyrie Irving play earlier in the season? Even part-time?

While the science is sound as a pound this whole pandemic we’ve over sold the “benefits” of militant solidarity.

This ain’t high school, yo: a trail means you’re just following in somebody else’s footsteps. Yes some people won’t follow the pandemic rules; nobody promised a fair life. #BallorFall

No Dancing At Sundance

The Sundance Film Festival has gone online.

That sucks raw eggs for all the filmmakers most especially for the rookies.

Instead of a theatrical premiere you get a distracted dude at home watching from a cracked ipad and pausing anytime he wants well…when he isn’t on his phone. (That lack of transparency is what makes it difficult to trust reviews like that. Did you actually watch the movie or needlessly pause it or ignore whole chunks by texting??)

And that’s the film aspect…for rookie filmmakers there is all the networking. Film Festivals are great because they pack the room…you can meet anyone at a party or event. How are we supposed to network during a pandemic when the media continues to advocate for social distancing via stranger danger??

Sweet Sci-Fi

The only good Alfonso Cuarón movie: Children Of Men. (Gravity can suck it…twice!) So much sci-fi ruckus and I say that knowing Clive Owen never picks up a gun.

I appreciate super dark; super grim #scifi. Hopefully we gets lots in 2022.

#TrailerAlert: Uncharted

Uncharted released the Plane Fight scene that was the highlight of the trailer.

Proving yet again CGI is incredible; unlike practical effects you can use CGI to increase the danger; tighten the tension while keeping the actors relatively safe. (see the John Wick movies for more examples.)

#SetTheVCR…PSA: Pam & Tommy

Pam & Tommy contains a Mötley Crüe cast; you’ll recognize all the faces.

Though word on the street is the 8 episode limited series has a lot of “shortcomings.” #Rimshot

February 2nd: #Disney+ in Canada; Hulu for Americans. That’s nice…we’re all on the same page.


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