Trial by Trailer: Including…Always Be My Maybe

Is this good?
Will this be good?
Every movie trailer answers or challenges those 2 questions. The ham-fisted rebuttal comes swiftly however: no you don’t need to always see a movie to know it’s tank.

Do you really need to sit through a Michael Bay Transformers movie to know for sure? Tank is Tank. And Fresh…well Fresh is always Fresh. I’m down like I’m Brown for that.

For the week of April 21-27, 2019 I cover:
Knock Down The House
Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Always Be My Maybe
Men in Black: International
Child’s Play

Shall we begin?

Knock Down The House (April 22)
The political docs are coming!! Beto’s HBO doc drops May 28. And Knock Down The House drops Netflix May 1st. AOC and the usual gaggle…their narrative documents their effect not if they’re effective. That’s a big huge difference…we’ll see.

Sammy Verdict: Curious about the narrative; still haven’t accepted it.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (April 23)
If the tagline for Godzilla doesn’t use the phrase “balls to the wall” everybody at WB marketing is fired. Clean out your desk out before noon.

Sammy Verdict: Also acceptable? RUCKUS! Monster Fight Club…May 31. 100% IN!

Always Be My Maybe (April 23)
The latest Ali Wong movie on Netflix has Keanu Reeves (yo!) and That Guy who wisely dumped Amy Schumer in Snatched (he dodged a bullet).

Also this trailer got Low stuck in my head…
“To the window, to the wall!
Til the sweat drop down my balls” #springbreak2019

Sammy Verdict: I’m a romantic so I’ll check this out.

Men in Black: International (April 25)
When Liam Neeson says “The Men In Black have been compromised” he’s not kidding. This is Hellboy all over again: an unnecessary reboot…Men in Black: International crapfest opens (and closes!) on June 14.

Sammy Verdict: I’d only watch this on an airplane. Maybe.


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