Trailer Alert: The X-Files Returns!

Tonight…set your VCR (#SetTheVCR) for 10:00-11:00 PM EST for X-Files returns! Cue the undead hand punching its way out of the grave: may God have mercy on our souls. Like using Tinder as a dating app…oh how I want to believe this will be good.

I fear revivals like a monster of the week and yet like a Lone Gunman I’m compelled to check it out and get to the truth. Problem is I trust no one. Hopefully it’s not a Fluke…man. (That was the last one, I’m done now).

It’s been thirteen years since the original series run: want to feel old?

The show started in 1993 on Fox…that is after Fox cancelled 21 Jump Street (in 1990) and before starting Sliders (in 1995): X-Files was sandwiched between Fox’s 90s “must see tv” like Married… with Children, The Simpsons, In Living Color, Party of Five and of course…Beverly Hills, 90210 (Mulder was exploring government conspiracies opposite of the way Donna was not exploring sex).

Actually by the time the series went off the air Mulder had sent only 1 text message (9 seasons…202 episodes and 1 measly text message). Now we have the Internet…hackers, Anonymous, wikileaks, NSA spying on us, drones, selfie sticks, mobile phones…a veritable X-Files playground of paranoia. Shame they can’t also bring back William Gibson for another go.

Following tonight’s episode we only get 5 more…Episode 2 is tomorrow night Monday, January 25 at 8:00PM EST and it’ll air on Monday nights until it’s all gone.

The first and the 6th episode are mythology episodes while 2 through 5 are supposedly are stand alones.

But! The entire gang is back…well except for The Flukeman (thankfully too: I’m cool with not having night terrors for a month).

In Front of the Camera:

  • David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson (of course…)
  • Mitch Pileggi as Skinner (no confirmation if his briefs are back as well…)
  • William B. Davis as The Smoking Man (hopefully he’s still kickin it old school and not on e-cigarettes…)
  • Annabeth Gish as Monica Reyes (from near the end!)
  • The Lonegun Men (nerds!)
  • and most importantly…Vancouver/B.C. is back! (Yes. Sorry not sorry L.A.)

Behind The Camera:

  • Chris Carter (wrote & directed 3 new episodes)
  • Glen Morgan (wrote & directed 1 new episode)
  • Darin Morgan (wrote & directed 1 new episode)
  • James Wong (wrote & directed 1 new episode)

Even Kumail Nanjiani who hosts an X-Files podcast shows up in Episode 3:
It’s a party and we’re all invited.
Many will come, not all with survive.

Sammy’s Status: Please Don’t Suck!


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