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Oh man what took so long!

Nazis winning World War II is a delicious traditional sci-fi literature trope; yet it’s rarely played out on tv/in the movies. (Has there been a recent visual exploration?) Allies losing the war is a sweet resource rich mine; loaded with endless possibilities, spirited unmapped avenues and infectious creativity.

Nazi World requires a deft architect to fashion this world; if executed correctly the world can outlast the current actors. Walking Dead as a world is far more engaging than this current human cast with Rick and his Old World Sidekicks. (Potentially the Walking Dead could run for decades based on just the world…the show has yet to explore Europe, all kinds of islands, the Middle East…even underwater).

On tv The Twilight Zone was the only consistent “world” that faithfully appeared for 156 episodes even as the human cast changed. (Rod Serling was a manifestation of that world; if the Zone was a tree he’d be the fruit).

Here is the trailer for this Amazon Prime show:

As a tourist here are the things I wanna see in this crazy cool world:

  • Monument Men in America…somebody has to preserve the art right?
  • Nazi fascination with the occult meets American superstitions..witches, masons and more: a veritable spiritual playground: mash it up, yo!
  • How Operation Paperclip will unfurl…this is backbone of our space program…Nazis in space! (Ok that last part probably means the show will have jumped the shark…)

I’ve never read the 1962 Philip K. Dick novel all this is based on. That’s fine, there’s not always a faithful rendition (is that the goal from book to movie?). Eventually if the show keeps going it should surpass the book content anyways. The Dome tv show doesn’t resemble the The Dome Stephen King book, right?

The Man in the High Castle arrives on Amazin Prime on November 20, 2015.

Sammy’s Status: I’m in: dystopia is my utopia.

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