Trailer Alert: The Man in the High Castle Season 3

The One I’ve been waiting for!! The Man in the High Castle Season 3!

The other sci-fi alternative universe show I watch Counterpart (oddly also set in Berlin…) also pulls in no viewers…less than 1 million. We could literally all gather at a con to discuss the episodes.

If you wanna join this tiny movement now is a good time…Season 3 drops October 5. And yo: it’s all balls to wall ruckus.

Cutting up the Nazi flag to make it “peace” is such a cheezy visual but the rest is freshtastic…melting down the Liberty Bell oh snap! Nazis are rude.

This season focuses on the resistance but as you’ll note…every single book on teams by Silicon Valley thought leaders threats are internal rarely external. Sheryl Sandberg can bring down Facebook…you can’t.

How are the Nazis gonna maintain their empire…consolidate power and keep all this going: how do you sell hate in a saturated economy?

The strongest sci-fi serves the genre and eloquently pushes you into deeply uncomfortable moments with characters difficult to categorize.

Let’s Do This Thing!


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