Thursday, September 8 2022

“What’s with today today?”
~ Lucas, Empire Records

That’s a practical (and dope!) line from Empire Records.

It’s a fantastic movie quote because you can use it in real life. “Luke, I am your father…” is an iconic Star Wars line; however (sadly) real life doesn’t provide numerous opportunities to use it, you know? So it’s good but not great.

The today line was said because Empire Records a music record store was hosting Rex Manning day. A washed up sonic lothario…think Tom Jones without the talent or that voice. In the midst of a busy “celebrity” appearance is all the staff and store misadventures. The money from last night’s sales is gone. The store is gonna close; gentrification. Staff relationships are fracturing. A lot was happening and unfolding. Hence the question and the line: “What’s with today today?”

Exactly what I found myself muttering…more than once on Thursday, September 8 2022.

Obviously overshadowing everything all day…the Queen died. (The odd irony of losing the Queen in the same season we get a new Queen song. The odd synchronicity of pop culture: when God closes a Queen He opens a Queen??)

That whole thing is super weird. I get that it’s…well the Queen and all that but she also had no real connection to my life. I don’t really have any Queen feelings; I’m not sure what her legacy is. If anything I like Dairy Queen more than this Queen. (I grasp the historical significance of the end of an era aspect, though. This is kinda but not really like when Blockbuster shut down; just with…Winston Churchill.)

So…we’re going to accommodate King Charles and the faces and names of things will shift accordingly. We could…in theory…use this window to rethink matters…is this really what we want to do? What value does a King have in 2022? etc. but we’ll probably go with status quo and quickly move on.

That was the Queen. Thursday, September 8 2022 was also Disney+ Day an annual virtual event featuring announcements of upcoming feature films and television series; a whole pile of Disney stuff. (Obviously Disney+ Day was scheduled long before the Queen settled her bill.) Yet another Simpsons short (Welcome to the Club) was added to Disney+ making about 10 Simpsons shorts since the streamer launched. They surprised us with a BTS concert film (thanks?); showed trailers etc. and…confirmed Thor: Love and Thunder is IMAX enhanced.

That’s a first for Disney+ as other networks such as HBO Max has been offering their viewers format and audio options. Is this something you want? Or do you just want to loaf on the love seat and watch Thor: Love and Thunder? I suspect this is where the streaming wars are headed; it won’t be just about content but offerings and options. (The Making of Thor: Love and Thunder was also added to Disney+ on Thursday.)

That was the Queen and Disney+ Day. Thursday, September 8 2022 was also the start of the Toronto International Film Festival; now in person. Globe and Mail reporter Barry Hertz revealed Taylor Swift tickets for her Lightbox appearance (she was speaking not even performing!) were selling on Stubhub $1,898. Each. That’s a “Swift” way to empty your bank account. While I could talk about the films and movies the issue is…streaming.

Just the other night in Toronto we hosted Weird: The Al Yankovic Story; Al was here in town. And yet before TIFF even started it was announced Weird will stream on on the Roku Channel on November 4. A number of movies (and films) have Netflix broadcast dates or other similar streamer outlets. So…should TIFF be showing em? Do you want to pay over $20 a ticket for a movie that will be on Netflix next month?

Entertainment reporter David Friend penned this smart article: Does the public still care about the Toronto International Film Festival? It’s something we should talk about; but like the King thing we’re probably gonna go with status quo.

That was the Queen and Disney+ Day and TIFF 2022. Thursday, September 8 2022 was also the day we saw the second trailer for The Rock’s DC Comics movie Black Adam.

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