Theme Park Visionary

It’s typical to visit a theme park and ride rides thinly tied to popular movies. Transformers, Back to the Future etc. Boring: that’s played out!

I’d much rather parks ditch the obvious movie/rides and setup funner stuff…the stuff we secretly all want to do anyways.

Like participate in the Mexican stand off from True Romance. You can pick any side, the park supplies the feathers. I’d be there every weekend outfitted in my freshest Chris Penn track suit with the itchiest trigger finger.

Or participate in the bank robbery from The Dark Knight! A smart theme park would offer a discount if you bring your own clown mask.

How about a Donnie Brasco “ride?” You go undercover in the mob, don’t blow your cover least you get capped…this ride is gonna last for years, and you thought the line up to get in was long!

So many amazing possibilities!

There’s gotta be a way to make this happen; theme parks need a new Walt Disney a slightly crazy man with an infectious vision that cannot be denied.


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