The Wonder Games

Just had the oddest experience: I stood in line at…the bookstore. It’s 2017 they keep pimping the ease and convince of online books; save space is the same marketing promise as drink this beer and you’ll bed hot girls and yet here we all are in a bookstore line up. The Usual Suspects.

And we’re all buying books; not the pseudo-personality knickknack crap i.e. those slightly vulgar always witty productivity notepads like Shit List.

Kinda Emo-Chick behind me clutches Roxane Gay’s Hunger to her chest like a fully charged totem. I can’t tell what Probably-Business-Dude in front of me is purchasing; he’s got 2 books tucked into his armpit as he texts.

Ironically I’m buying Ernie Johnson’s Unscripted: The Unpredictable Moments That Make Life Extraordinary. A book balm to ease a silent Summer sans NBA.

And behind me the line up grows…it’s dinner time on a Monday night and it seems we’re still hungry.


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