The T-Shirt Won

“By 2008, annual ties sales in the U.S. had dropped to $677.7 million dollars from a record high of $1.3 billion in 1995, according to market research firm NPD Group. And since 2009, the number of men who acquire more than one tie a year has slowly but steadily dropped, reported research group Packaged Facts.” {Source: Wall Street Journal}

Bloody hell can’t we just kill the tie already? Thanks to the tech industry the t-shirt won.
Easily at that.

The tie has always been utterly useless, it doesn’t do anything just hangs there stupidly like a dog’s tongue when it’s hot outside.

All of this is a good start and I dig that we’re questioning the inane values handed down to us from the same generations who ruined the economy and blighted our future.

And killing off the tie is a solid start…but…yeah…we’re still a long way away from a pants free society.


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