The Old Supermodel

Today I got to be a model for a photo shoot with Product Magazine. (Turns out they’re interviewing me for NewMusic Ten and my writing…time to dust off the A-Material).

Apparently and I was informed of this as we shot photos…I have a distinct look…not sure what it means but personally as one of God’s children I’m beautiful so that’s enough for me.

Thing is…there’s a lot of strange things that go with being a model:

One of the strangest is having a stylist constantly dress you, fluff you, button you up and even tuck in your shirt. As she’s tucking in my shirt (“Woah, sista…that’s not pants…more tuck, less frisk…I’m not giving it away for free!”) I can’t help but think this is what it’s like to be old or like suffering from one of those marathon/walk for diseases: They’re dressing me…even though I’ve been doing that (relatively well) for over 30 years.

Also like a senior they tell you where to go, how to stand, what we’re gonna do next and to smile…even if you don’t feel like smiling.

I don’t feel glamorous; I feel old.

And itchy…I hadda wear pants (again not giving it away for free…especially on camera!).


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