The Hope of Magic!

So…magic. I don’t often talk about magic but I’m a huge magic nerd…I watch all kinds of specials on tv, youtube, I go to as many shows as I can…it’s magic! (One of the reasons I adore NYC is they constantly have magic shows on…I don’t have to go to Vegas, you know? We have no magic in Toronto).

Anyhoo…what I really dig about magic is…I want to believe, I earnestly want to believe.

There was this David Copperfield interview on tv last night and this is what he said:
“I’m going to try to influence people, to encourage them and motivate them to push forward because my work is really a metaphor of the challenges people have in their daily life. To me, Magic is making dreams real. Making them feel real, making them look real. And…giving people hope.”

My jaw dropped. Over 30 years I’ve been watching magic, and dude succinctly articulated it. And until he said it I’d never connected hope with magic but it is there. Magic is inherently rooted in hope.

So angry something else I like just got ruined…s’like how he told he how he did the trick!


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