The Force Awakens…In Me!

The Force moves in mysterious ways…or whatever it is you May the 4th nerds say.

I’ve zero interest in Star Wars, less than zeo interest in JJ (especially following Star Wreck) and yet I am now suddenly going to a screening in an hour. Twas not in the plans when I woke up this morning, though generally giving into the dark side is not on most people’s To Do List.
Well the good news is I didn’t pay for it. Whew. So whatever ridiculous box office the Force pulls in, I did not contribute. Score.

My comic book dealer has the best line: it’s fan-faction come to life. That accurately describes the new character Rey. Sadly the new characters are not enough to bring me back for another go. I’ll let the kids sort this out.

When Rey and the others are not spoon-feeding the audience it’s engineered nostalgia; it’s a remake of New Hope…this is basically a New Hope. A 2 hour trailer for all of Disney’s Star War plans. And with some trailers; even if it looks outstanding it’s not enough to put on pants, drive to the cinema, pay and see the movie.


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