The Agents Are Free

NBA Free Agency!!

NBA’s free agency era began in 1988 with the first free agent: Tom Chambers left Seattle to go play in Phoenix. (Which was a minor miracle because contracts were almost much longer back then…ain’t nobody signing a 7-year contract now!). Anyways…let’s get down to business!

If (IF…) Raptors sign Kawhi then: I’m so putting this out into the universe go get Kyrie Irving.

Dump Lowry trade him; bust him down to the G League it don’t matter: Kyrie shows up in the 4th Lowry has not; does not.

Lowry is an awful awful player…it don’t matter what you say in protest my rebuttal will be swept by the Wizards in the first round!

Kawhi, Kyrie and Siakam. That’s so Won & Done.

And no matter what happens today…and for this week crying is not permitted! It doesn’t matter if Lakers sign everybody. You do not wish for easy only cowards do that.

Remember when Toronto Trash cheered when KD went down. To be the best you hafta beat the best. Find a way to overcome the odds and win. Learn to compete or else accept defeat.

This week will be incredible. Next season should be special. Oh man let’s do this.

And to be blunt and to be clear:
I’ve no fidelity with fans, cities, narratives or any of the insecurities that comes with being a fan when free agents leave. I am married and fully committed to greatness; to the athletes who defy the odds and establish a viciously high Gold Standard.

Like Jordan’s 6 rings. Or like Tom Brady’s rings (yeah I know).

It’s one of the few times we actually get to witness greatness! It’s so inspiring. Most people are lazy and lackluster we tolerate mediocrity from teachers and politicians and celebrities. Sports..really for me the NBA is the one where I get to see men be great. Which gratefully puts pressure on me to match that.


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