Tea for Chapter Two

Nothing like a snowy winter Friday night to reflect on what you’ve lost…and what you’ve gained; with the closing of Pacific Junction Hotel bar and Girth Radio.

I know I give a lot of credit to the bar and it was indeed our secret weapon; it was how I was able to have fish and chips with Maestro Fresh Wes…which was cool and fun. I never thought I’d get to do stuff like that. How could I?

However I surprisingly excellent at this gig. I didn’t even know that going into this…even having written for the National Post.

I’m walking away with over 200 interviews many of them are quite good. So I’m thankful for the time that I had even if I wish the time was longer. Whenever these big things come to an end if it’s a divorce or a university graduation it’s human nature to look back and want to change things or do things differently or better.

I’m good.

Of course there are moments I wish I could have done better but I don’t have any regrets or any deep sadness over some mess. We promoted a lot of cool movies and music and introduced all kinds of unique creators to the people. It’s not quite the same as the Jordan Flu Game but we done good and were and are good and did indeed leave it all on the floor.

So that’s a good thing; I appreciate that as much as I’m struggling to figure out what’s next. I’m so grateful. You can’t engineer things like this…it’s not like applying for a job. Nobody just sets up a radio station inside a bar and says you go do it. This was always gonna be special and unique; it just turned out to be for a shorter time than I’d hoped or anticipated.

I don’t know where Chapter 2 is going to take us or what doors will open for us but we continue rolling on undaunted and we will have new adventures. Onward and upward that’s all you can do.

Chapter Two starts with a bold tea.


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