Tea for Chapter Two

Nothing like a snowy winter Friday night to reflect on what you’ve lost…and what you’ve gained; with the closing of Pacific Junction Hotel bar and Girth Radio.

I know I give a lot of credit to the bar and it was indeed our secret weapon; it was how I was able to have fish and chips with Maestro Fresh Wes…which was cool and fun. I never thought I’d get to do stuff like that. How could I?

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Ops Tea

Had a short business meeting in Starbucks; they had ads all over the store for Oprah Chai Tea.

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Pretty Tea

Alright I’ma say it…sexism be damned. There’s comments below if you want to call me a pig. But it’s how I feel and I don’t care.

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8 Truths I Learned From Entourage: No. 2

No Pants

Am I the only one who thought the entire notion of going to school at 8:30am every single morning ridiculous? I’m a night owl…I only get to work, real work by 11pm or so. I suppose the logic was to prepare you for “the real world” and yet many businesses allow employees to work from home, flexhours and other similar perks. So: school is out of touch with reality. No matter. What school did get right was Summer. Yes Guy!

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The Starbucks Scientist

At Starbucks sipping Awake tea when Coldplay’s Scientist comes on.

When this phenomenal brunette comes in: literally stunning my raised cup freezes halfway to my mouth.

She’s weighed down by boxing sale bags and the sad small lie she’s not beautiful.

Orders her hot drink when somebody calls her mobile exacerbating her mood. The standard tone of the familiar when talking to the dense.

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