158 | Nick Reynoldson (I’ll Be Fine)

My Summer Lair Chapter #158: What Is Scarborough?

I had to ask Nick: What took so long for I’ll Be Fine your debut comedy album…you’ve been doing comedy for a while now. Nick has performed at Just for Laughs, JFL 42, Kevin Hart’s LOL Network plus a number of commercials. Like yo…what took so long? Is that a mean question or a meaningful question?

Stand up comedy is like being a Raptors fan it is hard to get the proper respect especially when you’re just starting out. It can feel like the schedule is against you while you’re part of a select club. That is until the Raptors won a championship. And now…to extend that special moment, the co-host of Talking Raptors has issued his debut comedy album: I’ll Be Fine.

Covering topics like being a mixed-race child, Scarborough topics like the rule “don’t start nothing won’t be nothing…” and sigh: raccoons oh and most importantly long johns! This album is freshtastic: it is fire fire fire!

I’ll Be Fine is like picking up an irritated cobra only instead of spitting venom it spits jokes. It is a comical assault where Nick Reynoldson quickly establishes a beachhead in your mind attacking with stylish images and a particular rhythm of language a style of sarcasm that can only be described as a Scarborough dialect.

If you’re not familiar with Scarborough the way most people are familiar with Brooklyn then like the tomato joke in Pulp Fiction you got to “catch up.”

And of course, because Nick is the co-host of Talking Raptors (with Barry Taylor) our conversation covers Raptors, the Comedy Records basketball team and…Shitty Shoe Shoes? What are those?!

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Nick Reynoldson @ WT F

Host by Sammy Younan

Recorded: Friday May 22, 2020 at 2pm (EST)

Dollar Store Love

Strolled into the ghetto dollar store still shaking off my nap. (There are classy dollar stores and ghetto dollar stores…what you think all strip clubs are top shelf?! Same principles people.) After I picked up a few things I got in line behind this senior citizen.

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My Heritage Minute Shame

Just had the most Toronto experience: got off at Bathurst Station where instantly that warm beef patty smell hits me (one of the best smells in the city!) but…I can’t have any.

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Ten Forward Is Still Backwards…

One of the fascinating aspects of hanging out with kids is recognizing what they’ll be missing. No kid will ever declare “I’m bored!” unless they’re dragged to grandma’s Luddite home. Netflix, the internet, mobile devices…look at video games!

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Design Thinkers from Scarborough

Happily had the opportunity to attend the Design Thinkers conference today: I went to 2 sessions by guys who did work at Nike. (Eh, don’t ask for names…I focused on the work not the Artist).

One designer went on to work with big time companies like Starbucks and Lego and yet you can still hear the utter awe in his voice from what Nike demanded. That’s Fresh. That’s How You Do It.

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