Live Below The Line: Dispatch #3

Live Below The Line

Yo Ben Affleck:

So hungry. Not the “Mom-when-is-dinner-ready-I’m-starving!” hungry. Like hungry hungry.

Can you cheer me up and tell me a funny Hollywood story?

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Live Below The Line: Dispatch #2

Live Below The Line

Yo Ben Affleck:

The caffeine withdrawal is the worst part…why didn’t anybody say anything! It’s called an addiction because it’s so automatic, I’m aware of my vices. I’m at stage 5 acceptance. I’m comfortably numb, you know? I probably could use a Fight Club lecture, really who couldn’t use a Fight Club lecture?

(Is it ok to talk about movies you’re not in?).

With no tea and no Coke I’m getting headaches and nausea. It’s like being seasick on land. It’s not as impressive as it sounds.

How are you holding up?

Matt Damon giving you a hard time…that guy always seems surly. Ever seen him on Entourage or House of Lies…surly. Course that could all be acting. In which case I am sorry Matt. It’s not me, it’s the hunger…please don’t Bourne me.

What’s harder living for $1.50 a day for 5 days or getting Good Will Hunting made?

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Live Below The Line: Dispatch #1

Live Below The Line

Yo Ben Affleck:

So today’s the first day of Live Below The Line. How is your story so far? I am doing alright, bit hungry, otherwise I’m all good, business as it should.

Thanks for spending your celebrity currency on this campaign. That’s one element of suck associated with your 15…soon as you get famous there’s all kinds of demands on your time and your Daredevil money to support all kinds of causes. Think you choose wisely, sure warrants a high five.

Is Kevin Smith hasslin you? Yet? That guy should totally join us, invite him to the party. We can gang up and recycle Uncle Phil fat jokes from the Fresh Prince. (Better to go with the obvious when cracking sass, if we bring up Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back he’ll come back with Gigli jokes and it’ll get ugly quick, especially with everybody so hungry).

Should be a fascinating week, trying to live on $1.75 a day. (Well for you it’s a $1.50 a day…which is kinda of a rip, since American McDonald’s offers a dollar menu…4 nuggets for the win, yo!).

Though the limits are food I wonder if comic books, novels and movies count in my daily allowance. You know, soul nourishment. Trying to live on $1.75 a day on pop culture couldn’t get you far. Thank the Big Dude for the library (and free comic book day). In many ways there’s lot of things I can give up or do without, daily nourishment from movies and comic books and music is not one of them.

I don’t require a fast to be grateful for all the hardworking people who make my pop culture. I do wish it was easier to high five and fist bump em as a way to say thanks.

By the way, I am sorry I haven’t seen Argo. I’m on it.

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Live Below The Line

Live Below The Line

So check this out: April 29-May 3, I (Sammy) will be participating in a campaign called Live Below the Line where I will only eat and drink on $1.75 for 5 days, the Canadian equivalent of the extreme poverty line.

Madness. (Although just in time for swimsuit season, so that’s a handy plus).

I’m reaching out to you, the fabulous and fresh music community because I know you enjoy supporting worthy causes.

With the money raised, Raising The Village (RTV), a Canadian organization, will partner with the village of Murole in southwest Uganda to end their daily struggle with extreme poverty.

Using sustainable and innovative projects committed to community empowerment, leadership, and ownership, RTV partners with the most remote villages in sub-Saharan Africa to eliminate extreme poverty. In Murole, this will include projects such as mountain gorilla deterrence, agricultural training, a goat cooperative and school construction in order to improve food production and security, access to education and income generation opportunities.

With an average household income of less than 10 cents a day and a 98% illiteracy rate, Murole is RTV’s most challenging project yet but the passion and dedication of the villagers affirm that they’re affirm that they’re on the road to recovery.

That’s the pitch! How can you not be inspired to help? Don’t you want to see significant change happen? I do so that’s why I am doing this. It’s debatable if one man can make a difference, collectively however there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

Enjoy this fascinating video on Murole and RTV HERE.

You can donate HERE.

And if there are do-gooders in your life, please pass this on, another viable option. Tweet it, facebook it, text it…whatever the cool kids do.


NewMusic Ten: Raising The Village

I’ve been classified as a Game Changer. Which is great, now I know what to write on the Occupation line on those Customs Cards.

And here it be:
This week’s Volunteer Spotlight is on Sammy Younan! At Raising The Village, we believe that knowing our volunteers means knowing our organization. That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to learn a little bit more about all of us! As part of RTV’s board, Sammy gives the organization its creative spark.

Read More!

NewMusic Ten’s Christmas Cheer Celebration!

To quote Marge Simpson it’s time to give back to the community we’ve taken so so much from!

Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together…for NewMusic Ten’s Christmas Cheer Celebration!

Raising The VillageNewMusic Ten has joined forces with Raising The Village who are:
“a non-profit organization that provides critical infrastructure, tools and training to recovering villages in Uganda.”

This is incredible work that impacts children, women and…elephants. Yes elephants. Have you ever heard of a beehive fence? Now you have and you’ll have the most fascinating bit of trivia to share at holiday parties this year. No more suffering through small talk for you.

Each of December’s Artists have or will contribute to Raising The Village. And normally NewMusic Ten earns 30% from every sale but for December all of that money will go Raising The Village. Suddenly we’re all looking better than this year’s sexiest man alive.

And you have an opportunity to participate, to donate:

Buy music and as I said the 30% will go to Raising the Village. Get your single friends to drop by and buy music, hey it’s the holidays…what better gift can you give to people you love than fresh music? 

Donate to Raising The Village directly! We’ve set up a special CanadaHelps giving page for this month only. So raid your couch for coins, skip the Taco Bell and do something extraordinary with your money. This isn’t charity…it’s an investment in yourself and in this world.

Be sexy! Helping others is fun, good for you and makes you attractive to others. Share all this goodness with all the beautiful people you know.

Lastly…you want to help, lemme know how! I’m on the twitter and the facebook.

Thank you for listening to this.


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