The Pampers Big Baby Award Idea

Out of all the heavily branded awards and associations in the NBA I wish Pampers would sponsor a Big Baby Award.

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My 2012 NBA Storylines

Happy NBA Season!

Tonight I’m going to my first game of the season, yeah! In my city the home team Raptors suck so I don’t expect greatness. Tonight’s game is against the Pacers, who I do expect big things.

(And…ack! I am going to the game even though, sigh George Romero is presenting a Night of the Living Dead screening. Had to make a choice!).

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Execute vs Execution

The NBA Finals have barely concluded and yet we continue to promote this archaic notion of experience. It’s 2012. Twenty-twelve. Not only have the rules of the game changed but the game itself have changed.

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Ticket Prices Are Final in the NBA

The current NBA Finals are tied at 1. I, of course…are cheering for OKC. However I was curious about NBA Finals ticket prices…I’ve never been to a playoff game let alone a Finals game.

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NBA Playoffs 2012: Fresh Mavs Cooked In Thunder

That sweet and thorough beating OKC gave the Mavs was utterly delicious.

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