Cowboys & Aliens Nudity Update

Ok because everybody keeps asking, here it is for the record: In Cowboys & Aliens yes Daniel Craig is shirtless for 1 scene and Olivia Wilde is buck naked but there’s no nudity.

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The Art of Getting By (Movie…Not Advice!)

Ok let’s talk about last night’s film The Art of Getting By. I was the only person in the cinema…50 seats all to myself. Normally I go to the movies every Sunday on my own but until I got to my friend’s place following the screening for tea I didn’t fully realize how tender I’d been the last few days. Sitting by myself in a dark room was both great and sad.

So…here we go…

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The Swan Is So Black: A Movie Review

I finally sat down to watch Black Swan. What a train wreck, that was a horrible movie. I ended up having to fast forward huge chunks just to move what little plot was there and shut it off after an hour and a half.

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The Sanctum Breakup

Memo to James Cameron:

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The 6 VS Country Strong

Ugh. Country Strong opens today.

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