Hidden Gem: Juliana’s Daughter “Baby, Come Back to Love”

This sweet song by Juliana’s Daughter appears in Episode #2 of Someone Not There web series: “Second Chance.”

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Hidden Gem: Juliana’s Daughter “In Which She Melts”

From Someone Not There web series Episode #1 “The Launch” comes this spectacular track by Juliana’s Daughter.

Such a treat to be able to include in the web series soundtrack (thank you Janice!!). Listen to that chorus: “I melt like butter around you / And my heart’s aflutter around you.” Shucks. That’s a mixtape special.

As gentle and as effortless as clouds, In Which She Melts instantly creates a beachhead on the shores of your heart: capturing it not with force but with a distinct and noble peace. Hyperbole? Or earnest joy?

That’s up to you:


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