Black Panther: The Potential of Patience

How is Black Panther an icon? Same thing with Wonder Woman…iconic without any storytelling substance. I can’t grasp that flimsy and ultimately foolish premise.

Black Panther has been around since the 60s and done (to quote Stupid Flanders) diddly-squat. Black Panther debuted in 1966; Spider-Man in 1962. Who’s had more impact on the culture?

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The Passing Of The Torch

This is a eulogy for a fictional comic book character Johnny Storm: The Human Torch, a member of the Fantastic Four. In Issue 587 he passed away and those events prompted the following. Yes I know he’s a fictional character. Yes I can tell the difference between real life and comic book world. But as any avid reader will tell you a death of a major character, one you’ve emotionally invested in is devastating. Good writing does that.

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X-ceptional Blessings

Oh speaking of Uncanny the current X-Men issues (X-Men Legacy 238-241) are taking place in Mumbai. One of the X-Men is Indian, Indra and has to honour an arranged marriage. Course it’s a comic book so nothing unfolds smoothly and they’ve run into The Children of the Vault.

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