Mind The Gap: On The Quest for Love & Conversation

What’s the evolution of the interview? The conversation?

What’s the next iteration in how we celebrate, authenticate, legitimatize and authorize our favourite Cultural Contributors?

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this is what it sounds like…

We used to gaze up at the stars with awe and wonder….
We struggled to reach the moon and paid in full the high cost to befriend the cosmos.

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RE: U2 “Invisible” (RED) Edit Version

You pay attention when Mark Romanek issues a new music video.

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Hip Hop Proverbs #2

Ironically today’s Hip Hop Proverb comes from Jay-Z’s Public Service Announcement:

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Picasso Baby Is Not A Love Child

On Wednesday July 10 a still hyphenated Jay-Z showed up at the Pace Gallery in Chelsea to rap Picasso Baby for 6 hours.

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Birth Year Readings I

Wednesday September 28, 2011 is my birthday.

Not a particular milestone, just watching my youth flee like a prison break. I got curious, wondering if I listed everything I read in a birth year how much I actually consumed. I was going to list articles but thanks to twitter and google I…can’t. I go through tons of articles and it’d just be too much, compounded by my avid laziness. So here is what I’ve been reading since Wednesday September 28 2011 (with occasional commentary) to Thursday September 27, 2012. {Special thanks to Brian E for facilitating my crack like connection to comic books.}

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